If you are a blogger with interest of photography or a photo blogger, the one and only lens in your photography kit should be the 50mm/f1.8 lens which is the best lens for bloggers. This camera lens made for bloggers is usually referred to as the Real lens because the perspective it provides is proximal to the human eyes. The great thing about it is that nowadays they’re quite less expensive; you could purchase an amazing one for about $100. They’re amazingly light weighted, incredibly versatile, and available for a variety of DSLR camera.

Although this is the best lens for bloggers, a 50mm lens also comes with no zoom at all, it called a fixed lens for this. If need the object to appear nearer, you have to walk closer to its location. To take a full shot of the object, you will have to walk further away. You’ll need to move about 15 feet away to take the whole shot. It may be a small problem to the use of the lens, especially when taking pictures mostly in crowded area and you need to stay clear of passersby. However the Pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Firstly, make sure the lens you buy is well matching with your camera. Obsolete DLSRs may not be able to power an auto-focus lens, and not all older lenses have autofocus abilities.

Sharper photographs

You generally tend to get sharper photos because the lens has fewer moving components which can have an effect on photo clarity. For perfect focus in outfit images, you should try to adjust your auto-focus point to the precise middle and aim at the subject’s center.

Field Control Depth

A regular 50mm lens which is the best lens for bloggers has an aperture of 1.8, which could be very fast. Meaning the foreground and background can be a bit blurred, with crispy focus at the subject. That creates warmth, intensity and you may use it to direct your readers’ interest to what you want them to notice. Or, you can strive at minimizing the field depth to show off the surroundings, making it a part of your image.

Lighting Options

The f/1.8 takes high-quality images indoor or outdoor as long as there is good lighting. But, you may get a faster f/1.4 lens that is excellent in darker conditions due to the fact the aperture is extra open and lets in more light in. These camera lens for bloggers are also some of the best lens for bloggers but It’s also a luxury with the price margin of $300 to $400, and really isn’t necessary except you are constantly taking pictures in low light conditions or really want the greater versatility character.

With any 50mm, you’ll have the potential to take superb pictures in different lighting. Perform trials, and use the lighting to your advantage. If it isn’t working, mover around and point the camera up or down.

Greater Composition

When using a camera lens without a zoom, you take great care on how to position your shot. Though it would take an additional five seconds to reflect, that exceptionally forces you to be extra innovative and creative, and the result will be worth it. Use this presented limitation as an advantage and become creative.